Frozen Beverages

Frozen Beverages

Barista Pro Professional Cold Drinks are a sophisticated beverage category. In our store you will find a variety of professional cold drinks in wholesale packages, which are ideal for every cafe, bar and business that operates in mass catering.

You can choose from a variety of iced drinks, which are classic recipes of traditional Italian culture, made with special pralines, of excellent quality.

Professional cold drinks have their own distinct taste, flavor and identity and offer innovation and differentiation, which will make your business even more successful.

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Matcha Shake by Barista Pro

11.40 (12.88 price with VAT)

Red Velvet kiss

11.80 (13.33 price with VAT)


11.20 (12.66 price with VAT)


11.40 (12.88 price with VAT)

My yogo shake

13.50 (15.26 price with VAT)

Vanilla Shake

7.30 (8.25 price with VAT)


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