Iced Teas

Cold Tea (Ice Tea)

Barista Pro iced teas have come to offer customers a special aromatic tea experience, which is enjoyed cold and fascinates with its wonderful and rich taste.

In our store you can find the freshest and most aromatic green tea with natural sweetness, Greek mountain tea with honey, which is made from real flowers and leaves, combined with thyme honey, also the English breakfast ice tea, with black tea leaves.

Our products are specially formulated to offer a refreshing, iced tea that offers energy and enjoyment. You will find all our cold teas in wholesale, always with the guaranteed quality of Barista Pro.

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Green Tea

9.30 (10.51 price with VAT)

Greek Mountain Tea with Honey

9.30 (10.51 price with VAT)

English Breakfast Ice Tea

8.95 (10.11 price with VAT)


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