Why prefer us?

We are the creators of our products.

We are a 100% Greek company.

Our core corporate principle and policy is based on honesty, transparency and immediacy.

Our people are governed by professionalism, consistency, dedication and are always at the service of our customers/partners.

Our products are always presented, taste testing and training our customers beforehand, that cooperate with our company and teaching our know-how.

We operate with a dynamic and active marketing strategy providing consulting service and training of high standards.

We constantly promote our products nationwide, constantly investing in advertisements in BARECA-HORECA magazines, social media, inserts in local magazines and newspapers, television.

We ensure your profitability by creating opportunities and providing excellent value for money.

We adapt to the standards of our partners depending on the diversity of each business and the differentiation that is needed.

We are constantly improving our quality and evolving our services. Our products are fully certified.

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