The first Coffee Business Awards ceremony took place on June 28 at the crowded Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel and Barista Pro’s team was there to be honored by largest coffee celebration which is now a reality in Greece!

The ceremony was attended by more than 520 people and during the evening, the leading companies and professionals in the field of coffee and coffee were awarded.

The Coffee Business Awards were successfully organized for the first time in our country, and the Barista Pro team received another important distinction. This time, we were awarded the Gold Award in the Top Beverages Supplier category.

The above award and its significance to the Barista Pro team are best illustrated by the words of Chief Commercial Officer Konstantinos Agadakis.
“We are so pleased to welcome this distinction to our Barista Pro family! Being recognized by leading professionals in the field for the quality of our products, is and achievement few have had the honor to achieve”
“We are very happy to be awarded by this newly established institution and it was truly a special night that brought all coffee and dining aficionados together.”

“We wish again and again that the Coffee Business Awards institution continues to honor and recognize all the professionals in our industry.”

Thank you for this special honor.
Yours sincerely,
The team of Barista Pro.