Gia…giamas Peach 600gr

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Our favorite fruit in our mood for winter summer pleasure. Our peach drink, rich in vitamins and energy, satisfies every tastebud. Its intense aroma and pieces of real peach take us to a homemade era. Crushed fresh Greek peaches without chemical additives and pigments, standing perfectly either as a juice or as a soft drink.

Our 600gr bottle gives you:
12-370ml servings you can enjoy in our special traditional glass jar, or 24-300ml in water glass.

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How to use

Fresh crused fruits for making juice or refreshment.


Appearance: Liquid
Colour: Orange
Odour: Characteristic
Flavour: Characteristic


Ingredients: Sugar, concentrated peach juice, glucose syrup, water, acidify agent: citric acid, flavors, antioxidant agent: ascorbic acid, coloring: b-carotene. THE PRODUCTION UNIT HANDLES SOYA & NUTS WITH SHELLS.

100 gr of Gia..gia mas peach is made from 150 gr of peach juice.

Packaged in protective atmosphere.


Fat: 0%
Proteins: 0%
Fibres: 2%


Τhe product has passed microbiological testing.

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