Lovit Gingerbread Milk Chocolate Drink with limited edition collectible red mug, 10 Lovit scratch tickets and a 10% off coupon


The new holiday version of Lovit has arrived in our Gingerbread flavor, with a limited edition collector's mug and a 10% discount coupon for any other Lovit chocolate purchase until the end of the year!

Only for a limited time!!

Enjoy your favorite chocolate in a fantastic winter variation:

  • Only 123 calories per serving
  • No animal fats
  • No starch
  • Gluten free
  • Made with 33% skimmed cocoa
  • 16 servings per package
  • 30g of chocolate per serving
  • Comes with a 10% coupon for Lovit products

The package contains a special scoop for easy preparation.

With the addition of oat milk or almond milk., your drink becomes vegan!

The classic Lovit flavor has received two gold stars from the International Taste Institute in Brussels for the Superior Taste Award.


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Η Lovit Limited Edition contains:

  • A package of Lovit Gingerbread
  • A collectible Lovit mug
  • 10 Lovit scratchers

It is the ideal gift for the holidays.
Limited quantities are available.


Nutrition Statement Per 100gr Per 30gr
Energy 378 kcal / 1594 kJ 114 kcal / 478 kJ
Fat 5,5 gr 1,6 gr
of which are saturates 3,3 gr 1,0 gr
Carbonhydrates 66,9 gr 20,1 gr
of which are sugars 66,4 gr 19,8 gr
Fiber 8,2 gr 2,5 gr
Proteins 7,0 gr 2,1 gr
Salt 0,4 gr 0,1 gr

Weight 1535 g

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