Lovit | Waffle

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Lovit – Waffle, with its hearty and full flavor, is ready to give you winter feelings of warmth and relaxation, and is perfect for moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

  • Only 123 calories per drink
  • No animal fats
  • No starch
  • Gluten free
  • Made with 33% skimmed cocoa
  • 16 servings per package
  • 30g chocolate per serving

The package contains a special scoop for easy preparation.

With the addition of Oat or Almond milk, your drink becomes Vegan!

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An innovative product

Lovit it is an innovative product that does not lose its texture, taste or aroma, whether it is prepared hot, cold, or frozen.

With emphasis on profitability

Lovit is designed with high profitability in mind for your business. You achieve this by maximizing the beverages produced per kilo in relation to its competitors.

Differentiation and comparative advantage

The special features of milk chocolate add extra differentiation to your menu and a comparative advantage to your business, because Lovit is made with:

  • No starch
  • Gluten free
  • No animal fats
  • With 33% skimmed cocoa and
  • Low calorie content

Finally, with the addition of vegetable milk, Lovit can be an excellent solution for reaching the public that has specific dietary requirements, (i.e vegans).

The sky is the limit

Use Lovit to make hot or cold chocolate drinks, milkshakes, crepes, pancakes or whatever you can imagine!

See the quick and easy process of making the drink:

Instructions for hot drink:
Mix 30gr scoop of Lovit Waffle in 150ml milk and heat at 65-70°C.

Instructions for cold drink:
Mix 30 gr scoop in 180ml milk (0-15%), add 6 ice cubes and mix in a shaker.


Nutrition Statement Per 100gr Per 30gr
Energy 378kcal / 1594kJ 114kcal / 478kJ
Fat 5,5gr 1,6gr
of which are saturates 3,3gr 1,0gr
Carbohydrates 66,9gr 20,1gr
of which are sugars 66,4gr 19,8gr
Fiber 8,2gr 2,5gr
Proteins 7,0gr 2,1gr
Salt 0,4gr 0,1gr
Weight 500 g

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