Refreshing granitas, which encompasses all of summer.

Our professional granita powder is the ideal mixture of dried fruits that creates a delicious and natural drink that smells like summer. Barista Pro Professional Granita Powder is a product without any gluten, fat, GMO and contains natural pigments.

Our professional granita is the only one that offers you the result of 7 liters of granita with a dilution of only 1 kg of product. You will find it in a variety of different flavors and wonderful aromas, such as mojito, melon, blueberry, lemon and strawberry.

With the professional granita powder you can create the ultimate refreshing granita, with the rich aroma and freshness of real fruits.

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Blueberry Granita

7.30 (8.25 price with VAT)

Lemon Granita

7.30 (8.25 price with VAT)

Strawberry Granita

7.30 (8.25 price with VAT)


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