Our childhood memories come alive with a simple taste.

Toppings (sauces) are professional syrups for sweets and ice creams and offer you an innovative product, which stands out for its rich and natural taste and wonderful aroma.

The toppings (sauces) that you will find in the Barista Pro online store are the ideal syrups, which can be used in many different ways.

You can use the toppings in any dessert or ice cream, garnish the glasses, as well as the whipped cream or frothed milk of your drinks. Among our flavors, you will find chocolate, maple, strawberry and caramel sauces that will help you prepare the most special sweets and ice creams that your customers will love.

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Chocolate Topping Sauce

4.50 (5.09 price with VAT)

Σάλτσα σφένδαμου

5.80 (6.55 price with VAT)

Strawberry Topping Sauce

4.50 (5.09 price with VAT)

Topping Sauce Caramel

4.50 (5.09 price with VAT)

Oreo Cookie Crumbs

5.80 (6.55 price with VAT)


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