Barista Organic Soy Milk

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Barista Organic Soy Milk is the ultimate choice for those looking for high-quality plant-based beverages. With these great features, there's no reason not to give it a try

🌱 It is characterized by a tasteful and tasty character that will delight you.

🌱 It is 100% gluten free, making it suitable for everyone.

🌱 It has a low sugar content, for those who prefer low amounts of sugar in their diet.

🌱 It is certified Vegan.

Available in 1L package.

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This sophisticated product is ideal for creating impressive drinks such as cappuccino, latte, freddo cappuccino, chocolate, and smoothies. It enhances the taste of your coffee, offering a velvety crema and authentic taste to the cappuccino. It is the only product you will need for your Fredo cappuccino.

Besides the incredible taste, its advantages are impressive:

🌱 It does not alter the taste of the coffee.

🌱 Preserves the original taste and body of the drinks.

🌱 It can be used at low or high temperatures.

🌱 Keeps the velvety cream in the cappuccino.

🌱 Offers a high raw material content.

🌱 Shelf life after opening is 5 days.

🌱 Out of the refrigerator, it lasts 12 months.

🌱 It is easy and quick to prepare.

🌱 Suitable for pastry and cooking.

🌱 It offers a velvety taste that you will love.


Nutrition Statement Per 100gr
Energy 28kcal / 116kJ
Fat 1,5g
of which are saturates 0,1g
Carbohydrates 2,4g
of which are sugars 2,3g
Proteins 0,8g
Salt 0,02g


Food safety

Pesticides Residues CE 396/2005
Mycotoxines CE 1881/2006 (CE 466/2001)
Heavy Metals CE 1881/2006 e CE 1006/2015
Genetically Modified Organism CE 1829 e 1830/2003
Weight 1000 g

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