My Coffeechino

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Iced coffee drink with a wonderful texture and a rich taste from real Brazilian coffee beans. This drink is based on coffee and milk. Simple and easy preparation with milk or water, and can be served either hot or cold.

Comes in a 500gr package. Each package makes 15 servings.

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Coffee drink with wonderful texture and rich taste from real Brazilian coffee beans, for making iced drink. Drink based on coffee and milk. Simple and easy way to prepare with milk or water.

Συσκευασία 500 γραμμαρίων, δημιουργεί 15 ροφήματα

Caramel Coffeechino



In a large milk jug, add the milk, Coffeechino and the caramel syrup.
Heat the drink from top to bottom making sure to dissolve the powder. The immerse the spout into the jug and heat so that the temperature does not exceed 65-70 degrees Celcius. Tap the milk jug slightly to break the bubbles. Then, move the milk jug in a circle to make it creamy. Serve in a tall glass and garnish with whipped cream.


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Nutrition Statement Per 100gr
Energy 414kcal / 1732kJ
Fat 7,6g
of which are saturates 1,1g
Carbohydrates 79g
of which are sugars 74g
Fiber 0g
Proteins 8,7g
Salt 0,14g

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